(Shandong Jinguan Net Co., Ltd. is a company from China exhibitors of 117th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.)
基本信息 (Information)

  • 公司名称 (Company Name) :
    山东金冠网具有限公司 (Shandong Jinguan Net Co., Ltd.)
  • 品牌 (Brand) :
    金冠 (Gold Crown)
  • 地址 :
  • Address :
    Lizhuang Town,Binzhou City
  • 注册资金 :
  • Registered Capital :
    28000000 yuan (RMB)
  • 企业类型 (Business-Type) :
    生产企业 (Manufacturer)
  • 企业规模 (Number-of-Staff) :
    101-500人 (101-500)
联系方式 (Contact)

  • 省份城市 (Province) :
  • 电话 (Tel) :
  • 传真 (Fax) :
  • 邮政编码 (Postcode) :
  • 邮箱 (Email) :
  • 网站 (Website) :
在线地图 (Online Map)

以下为城市 山东省滨州市 和地址 惠民县李庄镇驻地 匹配的百度地图,仅供参考。
行业信息 (Industry)

  • 展区类别 (Exhibit Categories) :
    五金展区 (Hardware)
  • 展期 (Phase) :
    第1期(Phase 1)
  • 产品范围 (Scope of Business) :
    遮阳用品、建筑五金、金属丝、网、其他五金制品、其他园林用品 (Shade products; Construction hardware; Other horticultural supplies; Other hardware products; Metal wire & mesh)
  • 主营产品 (Main Products) :
    安全平网,安全立网,圆、扁丝遮阳网,农业用网,防风网,无结网等 (safety net,debris net,scaffolding net,shade netting,agricutural net,protective net,knotless net etc.)
  • 购买数据 (Buy Data) :
    Click Here to Buy Exhibitors of 117th Canton Fair
  • 最近5届广交会参展记录 (Exhibition-Records) :
  • 公司简介 :
    山东金冠网具有限公司始建于2000年8月18日,是一家独资民营企业。注册资金1600万,专业技术人员30人。法定代表人兼总经理任立超先生,高级工程师,从事绳网行业多年。公司曾获得省“守合同重信誉企业”和省“青年文明号”称号,市“A级纳税信用等级单位”和县发展民营经济“先进单位”称号;金冠牌产品被消费者协会推荐为“推荐品牌”,市县主要领导多次莅临公司指导工作。 山东金冠网具有限公司是一家从事绳网系列产品研制、开发、加工、生产于一体的专业企业,是国家特种劳动防护用品定点生产企业。主要产品有:密目式安全网、安全平网、安全绳、施工线、密目式防护网、遮阳网、封车网、防鸟网、养殖网、防虫网、防草网、果实收集网、防冰雹网等十大品牌三十多种系列产品。 我们的产品结构合理、性能稳定、外观美观、质量可靠、耐用抗风化、阻燃抗冲击、防风防尘、价格合理等特点,深受国内外新老客户的一致好评。公司持有国家质量技术监督管理局颁发的《全国工业产品生产许可证》国家安全局颁发的《特种劳动防护用品安全标识证》、《山东省建设局产品登记备案书》及《中华人民共各国海关进出口货物收发人报关注册登记证书》。“金冠”牌产品已通过ISO9001-2000国际质量管理体系认证。 完善畅通的销售网络是企业销售的良好保障。金冠牌安全网在新疆、内蒙古、连云港、南京、杭州、重庆、成都、昆明等国内城市均为推荐品牌,绿洲牌安全网畅销全球,在各大中城市均有销售网络。遮阳网、遮阳网、防鸟网、养殖网、防虫网、防草网、果实收集网、防冰雹网出口畅销日本、新加坡、阿联酋等国家和地区,受到国内外消费者的一致好评! 一直以来山东金冠网具有限公司秉承“诚信为本、质量第一、客户至上”的企业宗旨和“打造一流品质,赶超尖端水平”的企业理念,以“提升自我,满足需求,超值服务”为企业方针,依靠“卓越、开拓、拼搏、进取”的企业精神,开拓创新、传承卓越,与客户共同发展!新的起点,新的开始,勤奋、务实、诚信的金冠人将以饱满的热情、崭新的姿态、昂扬的斗志去开创金冠更加灿烂、辉煌的明天!
  • Company Information :
    Shandong Jinguan Net Co.,Ltd,which is located in Lizhuang Town ,lies in the corner of National Highway 220 and Huiqing Huanghe River Bridge.That is to say,we have an advantageous geographical position and the traffic is convenient . Shandong Jinguan Net Co.,Ltd,with fixed assets of five million RMB, was established in Aug,2000. Mr. Ren , legal representative , general manager and senior engineer,has engaged in rope and net industry for many years.Given the fact that we have made great contribution to local economy development,our company has been rewarded by the city and province government . Our company is a professional enterprise in rope course -making, which has the ability to develop,process ,produce all kinds of Rope course. At the same time ,we are also one of the fixed production enterprises of the national special labour protection equipment. Our main products include Safety Net ,Sunshade Net ,Sports Equipment net series and so on . In addition, we have developed other varities of products available for other uses , such as Fishing Net, Anti-bird Net, Anti-grass Net ,Anti-Insect Nets,Anti-hail Net ,etc. Our products are greatly enjoyed by regular and new customers both home and abroad because of our advantages,such as stable performance , reliable quality ,reasonable prices and so on.More importantly, we are issued "National Industrial Product Manufacture Licensing Certificate" by CSBTS;" Special Labor Protection Products SID" ,"National Industrial Productsregistered for record" and "The People's Republic of China Customs imp. & Exp. Goods declaration Certificate" by National Security Agency.What's more," Gold Crown" Brand has passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.. With view of the fact that perfect sales network is vital to a company's development, our company has set up a series of sales networks in mojor cities of China,especially in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Lianyungang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming where our products are increasingly recommended. Meanwhile,our products ,such as Shade Net, Anti-bird Net, net culture,Insect Net, Anti-Grass Net,Anti-hail Net, have gained good reputation in Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions We always have honesty ,quality ,customers' interests at heart . We sinerely hope to bulid reliable and long-lasting bonds with all kinds of friends both home and abroad .We'd like to create a splendid and colourful tomorrow with you .