(ANHUI LIGHT INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is a company from China exhibitors of 117th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.)
基本信息 (Information)

  • 公司名称 (Company Name) :
  • 品牌 (Brand) :
    铃兰,逍遥, 飞鹤,假日,康乐,胜利 (LILY, carefree, FLYING CRANE,holiday,Happiness,Victory)
  • 地址 :
  • Address :
  • 注册资金 :
  • Registered Capital :
    40000000 yuan (RMB)
  • 企业类型 (Business-Type) :
    外贸企业 (Foreign Trade Corp.)
  • 企业规模 (Number-of-Staff) :
    101-500人 (101-500)
联系方式 (Contact)

  • 省份城市 (Province) :
    安徽省合肥市 (ANHUIHEFEI)
  • 电话 (Tel) :
  • 传真 (Fax) :
  • 邮政编码 (Postcode) :
  • 邮箱 (Email) :
  • 网站 (Website) :
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在线地图 (Online Map)

以下为城市 安徽省合肥市 和地址 安徽省合肥市梅山路19号轻工大厦 匹配的百度地图,仅供参考。
行业信息 (Industry)

  • 展区类别 (Exhibit Categories) :
    自行车展区 (Bicycles)
  • 展期 (Phase) :
    第1期(Phase 1)
  • 产品范围 (Scope of Business) :
    自行车、保健及康复用具、旅行箱、旅行包、玻璃器皿、其他日用陶瓷、淋浴类、礼品、功能鞋、办公家具、自行车附件、家用音视频设备、地板及附件、玩具动物、其他汽车配件、其他信息产品、其他男女装、摩托车部件、浴室用纺织品、其他地毯及挂毯、钓鱼用品、其他家居装饰品、家庭清洁用具及附件、饮具、灯泡、灯管、休闲服、帽子、其他医药保健品及医疗器械、圣诞布置及装饰、文件夹、文件袋等 (Bicycles; Other home decoration products; Other information products; Healthcare and rehabilitation facilities; Energy saving lamp; Shower relevant; Other medicines, health products, and medical devices; Functional shoes; Household cleaning tools and accessories; Toy animals; Bicycle Accessories; Motorcycle Parts; Household audio video equipment; Other clothing for men and women; Bathroom textiles; Fishing tackle; Office furniture; Casual wear; Floor and accessories; Cap; Document holders and document bags, etc.; Other daily ceramics; Other carpets and tapestries; Suitcases, travel bag; Glassware; Drinking ware; Gift; Christmas supplies and decorations; Other Vehicle Spare Parts)
  • 主营产品 (Main Products) :
    办公文具,箱包,鞋帽,家纺,服装,自行车及配件,摩托车及配件汽车及配件,电子产品,园艺产品, (light industrial products, arts and crafts, medicines and health products, chemicals, machinery and electronic products, such as boats and ships, green energy products, vehicles and construction machi)
  • 购买数据 (Buy Data) :
    Click Here to Buy Exhibitors of 117th Canton Fair
  • 最近5届广交会参展记录 (Exhibition-Records) :
  • 公司简介 :
    执子之手 与子共赢——安徽轻工国际贸易股份有限公司简介 安徽轻工国际贸易股份有限公司(ALIC)成立于 2005 年1月,是经营国际贸易及实业投资的股份制企业,年进出口总额近3亿美元。 公司大厦坐落在绿荫覆盖的古城合肥,交通便捷,通讯畅达。公司贸易体系成熟稳固,规模持续扩大,开放灵活,诚信经营,以其稳定的营销网络、优良的商业信誉和名列国内同行前列的企业实力为海内外客商所称道。 公司经营汽车、船舶、纺织服装、照明、家电、工具、自行车、电子信息、汽车配件、日用器皿、鞋帽、箱包、家居用品、玩具、礼品、办公文具、厨房用品、卫生洁具、旅游用品、体育用品等各类轻工、工艺、医保、化工、机电产品的出口和加工贸易,市场遍及 160 多个国家和地区,同时从事各类原料、医疗器械、机械设备、消费品等产品的进口,并广涉包括IT、金融、房产、制造在内的众多领域,成绩斐然。 公司以其卓越的信誉和实力,先后成为了欧尚、Wal-mart、资生堂、Airbus、迪斯尼、联合国采购中心、NATO、家乐福、C & A等世界著名公司、机构及组织的产品和服务供应商。 公司拥有的“铃兰”、“逍遥”、“假日”、“飞鹤”和“康乐”等著名品牌,为世界各地 2000 多家客户熟悉和青睐。其中,“铃兰”、“逍遥”、“假日”和“胜利”为安徽著名商标,“铃兰”系获商务部出口名牌,“逍遥”为商务部重点支持的著名品牌,“假日”商标被中国机电进出口商会评为“机电商会推荐品牌”。 公司拥有一支精通国际贸易业务、精干诚信的专业人才队伍,并且与时俱进,以“和谐,团队,诚信,共赢”的经营思想建设独具特色的企业文化,继续培养和打造过硬的企业团队。 公司成立以来,已先后荣获海关A类企业资格、安徽银行系统诚信客户、安徽省商务系统先进企业、安徽省守合同重信用单位、全国质量效益型企业等荣誉称号。 公司秉持的理念是:举和谐之旗,聚团队之力,守诚信之本,走共赢之路! 公司口号是:互惠互利,共创未来!执子之手,与子共赢!
  • Company Information :
    ALIC, DOING ALL CAN DO FOR YOU ! ANHUI LIGHT INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. (ALIC), as a civil-holding enterprise, is located in a beautiful green city -- Hefei , which has convenient facilities of telecommunication and transportation. ALIC has a large-scale trading system, a solid trading base, and an open and flexible character. Moreover, it also has been ranking top among the domestic counterparts, thanks to its stable network of marketing, good commercial reputation and enterprise's strength. ALIC is appreciated by merchants not only internally but also externally.The company mainly deals with exporting and processes trading of light industrial products, arts and crafts, medicines and health products, chemicals, machinery and electronic products, such as boats and ships, green energy products, vehicles and construction machinery, vehicle accessories and components, enamelware, lamps, home appliances, hardware and tools, bicycles and parts, electronic and IT products, ceramics, glassware, footwear and headwear, candles, bags and suitcases, garments, textiles, working protective goods, furniture, toys, gifts, office appliance and stationery, kitchen utensils, paper and paper products, camping and outdoor goods, sports goods, households, sanitary ware and so on . The markets spread to over more than 160 countries and regions.ALIC has many famous brands including LILY, CAREFREE, HOLIDAY, FLYING CRANE and HAPPINESS. All are well known and accepted by more than 2000 foreign customers all over the world. Moreover, two of them, LILY and CAREFREE, are not only famous trademarks in Anhui province, but also brands especially supported and developed by China Ministry of Commerce.The professional team of ALIC are proficient in international trading business, keen-witted, capable and honest, have all joined in the new corporation, where they will continue to develop.ALIC will carry on the creed of 'Keeping Improving', keep the spirit of providing whole